Crocodile Breeding Centre Muta

Muta Crocodile Breeding Centre is situated in the bank of river Bhairavi. Muta is 36 km away from capital city Ranchi. This Breeding Centre is located in Ormanjhi Sikidiri Road. The crocodiles are naturally seen in the Bhairavi River Crocodile Centre at Muta thus has got the unique distinction of the place for both in-situ as well as ex-situ conservation of crocodiles. Muta has been a centre of attraction for the tourists, nature lovers and students for its natural beauty blessed with lush green sal vegetation with the ever green Bhairavi rivulet.

Initially the Crocodile Breeding centre was established at Muta for breeding of crocodile in captive and then to release the crocodile to their natural habitat. Later on Muta was recognized as a Mini Zoo by the Central ZooAuthority of India. There is an enclosure in muta inhabiting 13 spotted deer The spotted deers get natural habitat here for the lush vegetation inside the enclosure.

There are 3 crocodiles, 13 spotted deer, 1 pairs of peacock and few watering birds in Muta. The Vulture Breeding Centre is also going to be established at Muta. There is a children park inside for fun making. Families with small kids can definitely have a pleasant time here in the centre in their extremely busy life.


1. Crocodile enclosure.

2. Deer enclosure.

3. Vulture Breeding Centre.

4. Childrens park.

5. The bank of river Bhairavi


Visit hours.: 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM Open for Tourist 7 days a week


AduIt    Rs. 5.00 per person

Child   Rs.  2.00 per person



 a. 2 Wheeler -  Rs. 10.00

 b. 4 Wheeler - Rs 20.00



Do not shout, tease or chase animals.

Do not litter or bring pets with you.

Do not feed the animals.

Do not use transistor or music player etc.

No arm and ammunition allowed.

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