The Birsa Mrig Vihar is located in a beautiful sal forest of Kalamati of Khunti district and in hardly 20 Kms away from the Capital city in the Ranchi-Khunti road. The geography and vegetation provides a natural habitat for the deer for breeding in captivity. The Mrig Vihar is spread in an area of about 54 acre and is geographically located at 23011 .85’ North latitude and 8501 60.92’ East latitude. The Birsa Mrig Vihar has never looked back in attracting tourists from the year 1987 when the doors were opened for the tourists.

Mrig Vihar has been tourist attraction for its natural beauty and close prominently to Ranchi and Khunti.

a. Spotted Deer 

Common Name: Chital, Hiran

Scientific name: Axis axis

Family: Cervidae


The coat is distinctive pinkish brown with rows of white makings that are retained throughout life.

The average weight of a spotted deer is about 50 kg.


India & Sri lanka


woodland forests and cleanings mean waterways


The spotted deer often lives in large herds. It grazes mainly in the morning and evening hours. Generally love to rest in sheds and cool places during the heat of the day. The gestation period is 7- 7.5 months. The spotted deer gives birth to 1-3 fawns.

b. Indian Sambhar

Common Name: Sambhar

Scientific name: Cerves unicolor

Family: Cervidae


The coat of sambhar is hispid and long. Only the stags have which usually have 3 times each and can reach a length of 1 m. The average weight of sambhar is 150-315 Kg.


India & Indonesia


Humid tropical and sub-tropical forests upto on altitudes 10000 ft.


Sambhar graze grass; eat leaves as well as fruits. It is not easy to catch a glimpse in the forest as with a slightest sound, it darts off in to the deep forest. It is solitary. During the mating seasons the stags acquire harems which they defend vigorously from rivals. Gestation period is 8 months. Shambhar gives birth to 1 or rarely2 fawns.

Tourists from varied stratus right from the busy city dwellers, students, natural lover to young couple find these Mrig  Vihar a right place to spend few hours. There are enclosures for spotted deer and sambhars in the Mrig Vihar As high as 130 spotted deer and 30 sambhars add beauty and richness to the Mrig Vihar.

There are beautiful watch towers sheds as well as safari path for the tourist to have a glimpse of the agile deer. There is a children park with number of facilities for the children for fun making.

Tourist Information

Entry fee

1. Adult  Rs 5.00 per person

2. Child   Rs 2.00 per person

3. Still camera    Rs 25.00

4. Video Camera    Rs 50.00

Visit hours : 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM Thursday is holiday

No vehicles are allowed

Mrig Vihar ethics

Do not tease animals

Do not make loud noise

Do not use transistor or music player

Do not feed the animals

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