Year of Notification :1976

Area : 752.94 sq. km.

The Palamau Sanctuary lies between 83°50' and 84°36' E longitudes and 23°25' and 23°55' N latitudes.  It was  initially created over a forest area of 979.97 Sq.Km. vide notification no1224 dated 17.7.1976 of  Bihar Government  and thereafter  an area of 226.32 Sq. Km. of this sanctuary has been notified as  Betla National Park vide notification  dated  22.01.1996 of Bihar Government.  Both the areas have been now  included in the Palamau Tiger Reserve created under Project Tiger. 

The annual temperature here varies from 4° to 50°C and the mean annual rainfall is 1075 mm. The area is drained by the North Koel and its tributary, the Burha river . The forests of the sanctuary are Dry as well as Moist Deciduous types with bamboo brakes. Besides diverse herbs, shrubs and grasses, the important tree species are Sal, Asan, Sidha, Semal, Karam, Chilbil, Kusum, Bherhul, Dhaura, Khair, Salai etc. The sanctuary is rich in flora and fauna. Tiger, Leopard, Elephant, Gaur, Sambhar, Cheetal, Barking Deer, Sloth Bear, Nilgai, Wild Dog, Wolf, Hyaena etc are important wild animals found  in the sanctuary. 

The historical fort of  Raja Medini  Roy,  who once ruled the area is situated inside  Betla forests on the banks of the Auranga river. Other attractions nearby are Lodh and Sugabandh Water Falls and Tataha Hot-water Spring.